LakeHaven Adult Family Home

Loving individualized care in a residential family home.

Established 2007
AFH License #752334
“Shari’s LakeHaven”

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Member, Adult Family Home Council of Washington State


“a place you will love to call home”

Dementia & Mental Health Specialty License

Adult Family Home

7223 NE 150th Street
Kenmore, WA 98028

Shari Lake
Resident Provider

Located in Kenmore, at the north end of Lake Washington and convenient to both Seattle and the Eastside, LakeHaven offers the best location for residents and families to enjoy to quality care. Owned and operated by Shari Lake and her family, the mission is to help each resident live their life to the fullest in a friendly and beautiful home setting.

Delicious meals, engaging activities, qualified caregivers and an impeccably maintained home combine to make each day a pleasure.

We welcome you to call us, and come by for a visit. See how LakeHaven could be the next great place for you or your loved one to live.

About Us

Shari Lake opened her first Adult Family Home (Shari’s Haven) in 2007. Always focusing on providing top quality care in beautiful residential settings, she opened LakeHaven in 2012.

From the beginning, LakeHaven has been a family business. Shari is the licensed Residential Provider, and you’ll find other Lake family members working in various capacities, including caregiver/supervisor, office manager, maintenance coordinator and marketing consultant. Part of the initial motivation to open an Adult Family Home was to care for her parents, who became residents in 2011 and enjoy the same quality care as all residents of the home.

Individualized Care

LakeHaven offers care for a variety of medical needs common to older adults. Shari and her staff receive special training in diabetes care, and are qualified to administer insulin. Special diets can be supported in the Adult Family Home setting, allowing residents to enjoy living in a small home with personal service. LakeHaven is licensed for Dementia and Mental Health specialty care.

An on-call Registered Nurse supervises all care, coming regularly to visit each resident, assess their care needs and provide specific training to staff. LakeHaven staff work closely with medical professionals, therapists, family and others who form the resident’s care team.

Resident Life

Pet Friendly

Cats and dogs are important members of the LakeHaven household! Sipping tea with a cat on your lap, or a dog sleeping near your feet signal home for many of our residents.


In-house activities may include tea parties, birthday parties, dinner out, holiday celebrations, or games. Musical performances include a harpist and an active percussion/keyboard circle! Field trips are scheduled regularly. To see photos of us having fun, look for LakeHaven on Facebook!


With a background culinary and kitchen management, Shari has a special appreciation for the importance of great tasting, attractive, healthy food. Each resident can find their favorite food on the menu, and have input on how it is made. Special dietary needs are fully supported, including diabetic and gluten-free.